Tuesday, July 3, 2012

complete control of the universe

do you ever feel like the universe is bound by this unbreakable energy that you are just a tiny part of? The mystery of this energy is the fact that you are the most significant part of its orbit. You are the sun, the hugest star in the whole solar system of energy. Let me explain... because it is easy (and very important in my opinion) to feel small, it sometimes makes it hard to feel empowered- but with no you there is no universe at all, as you are the only conscious being in your world and therefore if you were gone and never existed- because this orbit would not exist to you- it would not exist at all. This idea is very logical to me. It often makes me reflect on a lot in this world and the idea that in my huge orbit I can choose the way I feel and the way I react to events; I have complete control of the universe.

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  1. This is great!!I totally feel the same way! If I read this last night in my drunken state I would have died on the spot


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