Saturday, July 7, 2012


So this is my first fashion post I have ever made! I went thrift shopping today and found some really awesome cheap clothes. In my city we only have like 3 good second hand clothing stores that are cheap (*sobs*) but I always manage to find something:

Galaxy Necklace (I love this so much!)- $8 

Faux Leather Boots- $6 

White fold-over skirt (reminiscent of a tennis babe in the 60's?)- $12

 the damn cutest pair of socks I own- $6

Midriff floral top- $12 (a little too big)

Over sized knitted Sweater- $20


So those were my finds! I am very happy with them, especially considering how cheap the stuff was... It all looks better on- I might post a picture later.
Since I went to Harajuku in Tokyo a few weeks ago I have fallen in love with pastels. There were also people mixing classic fashion with neon fashion which I would love to get into. 

ALSO my dad found this 1970 copy of Waiting For the Sun in his vinyl collection <3

I left a trail of joyful tears all the way to my record player. I am listening to it at this very moment- I like to think I was a groupie in another life...i was okaY! That will be all. Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!


  1. This is marvelous! Very earthly colours! Your focus is fabulous!!

  2. I like the necklace and the swater.
    The socks are cute indeed!

  3. I love the atmosphere in your whole blog - I don't know how do you do that but it's beautiful! That necklace is my favorite :) I'm following you now too, hope we'll keep in touch!

    xoxo Eeva

  4. I love your blog! Im following you now via GFC and bloglovin, if you like my blog, follow me please.


  5. hi! love your blog! :-) I hope we can follow each others blog..please let me know...I'd really be glad :-) xoxo

  6. your blog is just the prettiest, these pictures are so lovely! *followed*

    // xx

  7. Beautiful style.Loving your blog, maybe want to follow each other? If so just leave us a comment on our blog telling us that you are following us and we'll immediately follow your back!

  8. i love vintage style, especially your boots! love it so much. thanks for dropping by to my blog,i've followed you. hope we can be friends. Did you ever go to Japan? I'm planing to go there this year. It will be fun if you can write some about your trip to Japan!

  9. great post!! the camel skirt is gorgeous! thank you so much for your comment and for following:)) one big kiss!


  10. Cute stuff! Just followed your lovely blog! :)

  11. That necklace is superb! So into space stuff.

  12. following you now :-) thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  13. Hi, love ur blog. followd u thru GFC, and I hope ull find time to drop on my blog and follow me perhaps. :)


  14. Follow you back!
    Have a lovely week.


  15. heii nice blog
    maybe we follow each other ? let me know !

  16. Your blog has got to be one of the loveliest :) I'm hopelessly in love!

  17. Thanks for following me - your photography is beautiful so I had no choice but to return it!

  18. Those are some super great thrift store finds! The knitted sweater is beyond rad.

  19. That skirt is beautiful! the whole vibe of this post is perfect. x


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